Werner Heisenberg, Moe Berg and the race to build the atomic bomb

If anyone could write the authoritative account on how American intelligence could predict that Germany would not build an atomic bomb, yet be outfoxed by the Soviet Union in its nuclear research, it would be Vince Houghton, historian at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.

Vince Houghton

In The Nuclear Spies (Cornell University Press), Dr. Houghton has produced a carefully researched, tightly written account of the race to build the atomic bomb. Dr. Houghton writes about the heroes–the refugee European scientists who helped us, the reluctant German physicist Werner Heisenberg, and the rogue scientists and spies who hasted the development of the Soviet bomb. The best character in the book is Moe Berg, the American baseball player, Princeton graduate and language wizard, who went behind enemy lines to meet Heisenberg.

Dr. Houghton offers an easily readable book which should be on the e=reader or bookshelf of every Cold War junkie.

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